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"The Xinjiang Procedure": Harvesting Organs from Executed Prisoners

China is not only the world’s most populous country, it is also the country with the world’s highest number of executions. But executions done so that organs can be harvested? 

One brave journalist interviews many even braver defectors from China - mostly doctors or prison guards - and tells this harrowing story.

Every Uighur witness I approached over the course of two years—police, medical, and security personnel scattered across two continents—related compartmentalized fragments of information to me, often through halting translation. They acknowledged the risk to their careers, their families, and, in several cases, their lives. Their testimony reveals not just a procedure evolving to meet the lucrative medical demand for living organs, but the genesis of a wider atrocity

Now that there are renewed reports of unrest in China, particularly the Xinjiang province, this is a good time to look into what actually goes into the arrest of political prisoners, how they are selected for their organs, and how the whole process of organ harvesting works.

Read the full article in the Weekly Standard, and get your blood roiling with anger against injustice. 

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